An Imaginative Exploration of Self


Psychemagination is an audio-visual experience that follows the neurodivergent author’s imaginative, contemplative and archetypal journey into mind and spirit.

Illustrated with short works of animated AI-generated art created by Tahlia Newland and set to music by Kris Newland, Psychemagination is designed as an immersive experience, where the reader rests their mind lightly on the words, imagery and music in a contemplative, meditative fashion.

Looking into self is an ongoing adventure leading to worlds previously undiscovered,
sometimes a room of junk in need of clearing,
sometimes a surprising and inspiring creativity.

That is the journey that is Psychemagination.

“The metaphors, symbols and narratives produced in fantasy give us imaginary variations of the world, allowing us to see the world and its possibilities in new ways. Herein lies the transformational potential of fantasy-orientated practice.” Linda Finlay

Notes on Navigating the Story

The short videos will replay until you stop them.
Tap the video for the pause button to appear.

The dotted blue lines beneath the text are tooltips explaining the symbolism.