Hi, I’m Tahlia Newland, artist, author, editor, publisher and contemplative. I wrote and illustrated Psychemagination with the assistance of the AI art generator Midjourney, Photoshop, Premier Pro and various other digital art tools.

My husband, Kris Newland, composed the music. You can find more of it on his Bandcamp page.

Psychemagination started from the inspiration to use animated AI-generated art to illustrate a modern version of the classic archetypal hero’s journey. But it is also a contemplative memoir of the journey of self-investigation I began in response to discovering that I was probably neurodivergent.

I’ve spent decades studying and practicing meditation, but never before have I examined myself and my life through the lens of neurodivergence. As part of this journey, my life-long interest in mind, creativity and writing came together to produce Psychemagination – not only this web book but also the word psychemagination.

The process of creating this work is an example of the famous psychologist C. G. Jung’s active imagination technique used to make the unconscious parts of the personality conscious and facilitate the transcendent function of the mind.

“The metaphors, symbols and narratives produced in fantasy give us imaginary variations of the world, allowing us to see the world and its possibilities in new ways. Herein lies the transformational potential of fantasy-orientated practice.” Linda Finlay

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Here’s some background on my artistic process
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