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Is it an AI Art Gallery? Is it a book? Psychology? Mythology? What?

Is Psychemagination an AI art gallery or is it an illustrated book?
It’s both.
It’s also a neurodivergent person‘s journey of self-examination,
and like it’s creator, it doesn’t fit neatly into a box.
However, it certainly functions as an AI art gallery.

Please take a look around the website.
The videos are available as NFTs on request.

These are some of my favourites.
A curated gallery for those who want a quick peek!

To see the videos in a vertical player on moble devices, make them full screen.
On this page, the videos play only once,
but on the rest of this site, they play in loops.

What is AI art?

AI art (artificial intelligence art) is any form of digital art created or enhanced with AI tools. In this instance, I use Midjourney for generating the images, then use other non-AI tools to refine and animate the images, thus making them into something more than that generated directly from the AI. I use Photoshop to clean up the image, often removing unwanted aspects (like an extra finger). For animation, I use Movepic or CapCut and work on my phone, and I use Premier Pro to put the resulting AI art video to music. This further manipulation of the images make them uniquely my art, as such they should be able to be copyrighted, but how copyright relates to AI art hasn’t been clarified by ‘the law’ at the time of writing this.

The writing is NOT AI generated.
How could an AI possibly write about something so personal,
about the very human experience of investigating one’s self?

However, the kind of fantasy imagery generated by Midjourney is particularly well suited to illustrating such a journey

Is AI generated Art really art?

This avatar of me explains my thoughts on the matter.

This AI art gallery and the future

With the rate of change in AI at present, the style of the art in this AI art gallery could well be eclipsed in a few months, making it a snapshot of a particular time in the development of AI art. Other AI artists use more complex animations of the kind you can get with Stable Diffusion, but I prefer the simplicity of this style and often find the Stable Diffusion style of animations too fast and flashy. Perhaps it’s a generational thing!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy taking a trip into the halls of my AI art gallery.

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"Get busy living or get busy dying." - Stephen King
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