AI Art Gallery

An AI art gallery

Welcome to my AI art gallery. It contains images displayed in themed galleries. Thought this whole site is an AI art gallery as well as a book, there are few still images here since the art illustrating The Journey into the Psyche is animated and set to original music. The images displayed below are hosted on Pinterest, but you can see them here by clicking on the grey bar on the right-hand side of the gallery and then scrolling down in each gallery.

If you’d like any of the images as NFTs or printed for your wall or on merchandise, please contact me, and I’ll mint them or prepare them for printing for you. To find out about my artistic process or contact me, please visit the About page.

This collection showcases the best of my artistic works for printing out. Let me know if you’d like any of them printed for you. You’ll see more options on my other boards on Pinterest. I will hand sign them and fix any imperfections as part of the preparation for printing.

The Mind Collection explores aspects of mind and mental experience, particularly as it relates to the neurodivergent experience, particularly in the ADHD and gifted spheres. Many of these images can be bought as wall art of on merchandise in my Redbubble store.

The Intensity collection expresses strong emotions and defining experiences, including a section called Shadow World, where I’ve stored artworks related to shadow work.

The Creative Life Collection speaks an intense, passionate and highly creative individual and her various kinds of self-expression. Many of these images can be found in animated versions in the videos on the Growing and Imagining pages.

The Of Spirit Collection gathers together images that speak of the spiritual experience. Meditation, prayer, deities, totems, and representations of the spiritual, ephemeral world and our experience of it.

The Masked Collection is more than images of face coverings used in theatre, ritual or wall art. The psychological concept of masking has great relevance for autistic people, and the process of unmasking – discarding one’s masks – is also explored in this collection.

The Whimsical Collection houses artworks mostly from the Growing and Imagining pages. Many of the artworks can be bought as wall art of on merchandise in my Redbubble store.

The Mystical and Fantasy Beings collection includes gods and goddesses, nature spirits, warriors, angels, queens, kings and various magical beings, many of them archetypes.

The Out of this World Collection groups images with a futuristic of science fiction flavour. Many of the images were created to express aspects of the autistic experience such as the necessity of armouring against a harsh world.

The Inner Landscapes Collection expresses the various environments that we can create in our minds, the pathways we can wander in our psyche, and the open, spacious nature of our mind. beyond thought.

The Nature Spirits Collection expresses my sense of the universe being alive in more ways than normal perception reveals. These are personifications of the kinds of energies I experience in nature.

The Frames and Mirrors Collection are artworks on the theme of self-reflection and framing ourselves through the beliefs we hold in our minds. Most were created for the Reflecting page.