Some believe angels are literally messengers from a very real God. Others see them as personal spiritual guides. For others they represent their higher consciousness and visualising them provides a method for communicating with that wisdom aspect of self.

In folk law and various spiritual traditions Angels play the role of divine warriors fighting against evil forces, or they may be guides or guardians associated with love, healing, transformation and spiritual awakening.

Others think they are mere fantasies with no ability to bring anything to the human psyche, but simply filling our mind with joyful imaginings have the ability to raise joy within us, so fill your mind with angels and send them out to help the world in an imaginative prayer – see below.

Rest your mind on this beautiful 6 min video of some of my angels with uplifting music by Kris Newland. Perhaps read the prayer below before you do, and then envisage them flying off to do the work as you watch.

A prayer of Angels

I send these angels to wake up those who commit atrocities: torture, murder, terrorist attacks, crimes against humanity. The blinding light of the power of their compassion and purity of soul, unfettered by delusion, is too bright for the perpetrators of such crimes. It brings them to their knees, and they cower before the angels in fear.

But these angels will not take life with their swords of wisdom. They battle ignorance, greed, jealousy, hatred, and prejudice until those who cause suffering understand the gravity of their crimes, are consumed by regret, change their ways, and make restitution for their crimes. May it be so.

You do not have to believe that angels are real in order to gain a positive effect from their presence in your imagination. If you need a guide, imagine a guiding angel to guide you. If you need a warrior to help you fight your inner demons or give you strength to handle adverse situations in your life, imagine a personal champion with all the attributes you wish them to have and set them loose in your imagination to fight your battles and emerge victorious. If you need love and solace, imagine an angel of love and compassion wrapping their wings around you and rocking you to sleep. As children know, imaginary friends can offer very real comfort and bring us inner strength when we need it most.