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The World of Reflecting is Ready Now!

At last Kris has finished the music for the world of Reflecting on Psychemagination, and I’ve just uploaded the last of the videos. If you like Art Deco mirror work, you’ll love the visuals of this page, and Kris’s music is stunning. Other new things to see There’s a couple of other changes to the […]

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AI art generated image of an artist
AI Art: Debunking the Myths

Introduction to AI art A new form of art has emerged, AI art – more precisely, AI-generated art. Art has always been a reflection of human creativity and imagination, and now AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has the ability to create stunning visual pieces that challenge traditional notions of creativity and authorship. But what exactly is […]

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The Symbolism of the Diamond

The symbolism of the diamond varies across different cultures and religions, having meaning in the areas of love and personal achievement (in Western cultures) and enlightenment (in Eastern cultures). The diamond’s natural formation, forged under immense pressure, resonates with the strength and resilience that it symbolizes. The multifaceted nature of diamonds also mirrors the complexity […]

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An AI art gallery
Is it an AI Art Gallery? Is it a book? Psychology? Mythology? What?

Is Psychemagination an AI art gallery or is it an illustrated book? It’s both. It’s also a neurodivergent person‘s journey of self-examination, and like it’s creator, it doesn’t fit neatly into a box. However, it certainly functions as an AI art gallery. Please take a look around the website. The videos are available as NFTs […]

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The Power of Visual Language: How Sacred Symbolism in Art Facilitates Spiritual Exploration

The use of symbolism in art has long been recognized as a powerful medium for self-expression and cultural communication. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, art has the ability to evoke deep emotions and provoke profound thoughts. The use of sacred symbolism in art is one aspect that has fascinated artists, scholars, and spiritual seekers throughout history. […]

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