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Journey into the Psyche


Calm Amidst the Maelstrom: Video Art for Meditation

Video art for meditation. We live in tumultuous times, and it’s easy to be swept into despair by the tragedy we see unfolding in our world. But we all have a calm centre within, a place of sanctuary where we can be still despite the swirling waves of emotion that rush through and around us. […]

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Are Angels Real? And Does it Matter?

Are angels real? Does it matter when they’re helpful for your mental health regardless? After my musings on the topic, I share an art video full of animated angels to inspire and delight you (don’t miss it), followed by the psychological view of how imagination plays a crucial role in mental health, impacting various aspects […]

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How Intentional Daydreaming and Mindfulness Can Work Together

The core information in this article on daydreaming and mindfulness is a summary of an article on the benefits of intentional daydreaming from the Australian Insititute of Professional Councillors. Included with this information are my own reflections on what this research raises in relationship to my own meditation/mindfulness practice and use of intentional daydreaming. What […]

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Thoughts Are Not Our Mind or Our Reality

This week’s best insights inspired by my AI generated imagery. Thoughts are not our mind. They arise out of our mind. Thoughts are like balls rolling through the open, fluid landscape of our mind. If we don’t stop them, they just roll on by and fade away. Can you step back and watch your thoughts […]

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‍Meditation and Creativity: Is there a link?

Meditation has long been known for its many benefits, such as reducing stress and enhancing focus, but is there a link between meditation and creativity? I’ve always thought so because I’ve found that my best ideas come during a meditation session. I’ve even been known to stop meditating and start writing. Was I distracted? Maybe, […]

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Meditation for ADHD: Is it Helpful?

Meditation for ADHD. Does it really help? ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is being diagnosed a lot these days. This doesn’t mean that it’s increasing in the population; it just means that there is now a label and an associated diagnosis. People like me who have lived their life never knowing they had it can now find […]

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This AI Artwork NFT Could be Yours – But What Does it Mean?

All the AI Artworks on this website are an illustration of some aspect of the psyche, so they all have meaning. The animated AI Artworks illustrate the story of a Journey into the Psyche, giving form to the inner world, and the galleries allow me to showcase many of the great still images I’ve generated […]

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Imagery for a Heartfull Meditation

This heartfull meditation uses a visual image as a representation of your noble selfyour wisest, most loving and aware, essential self.This self has a full heart, always.So she, he, they, can fill your heart with love,any time.All the time. Of course you can create your own image of that part of yourself, and imagine it […]

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