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Journey into the Psyche


New Release: Psychemagination’s Thinking Chapter

The Thinking page/chapter in Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche is ready for reading/viewing now. In this chapter we look at how the effects of undiagnosed autism and ADHD in a life can affect self-image, and we use imagery rescripting techniques to loosen the grip of childhood trauma. This page will resonate deeply with anyone dealing […]

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YAY! I’ve Joined the Ranks of Award-winning Artists

I can now say that I have joined the ranks of award-winning artists. Yes, really. (Other than the art competition I came second in in my last year at primary school!) I usually don’t enter competitions. I hate the whole idea of them. Apparently, that’s not unusual for neurodivergent folk, but I entered the NFT […]

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NFTs of my Art Available Now: But Why Buy an NFT?

If you know what one is, you might wonder, Why buy an NFT? You’ve probably heard of them, but may not know what they actually are, and if you do, you might think they’re not for you. Read on and find out what they are and why you might consider buying one. What is an […]

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New Release: Imagining – the Story of a Creative Life

Yes, Psychemagination has a new release. A new page is available now for your viewing pleasure. The Imagining page was fun to do, but it took a long time to get it all together because it’s about creativity and that’s something that has permeated my life and driven my multi-stranded career. A new release on […]

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Page Preview: Growing – a Neurodivergent Childhood

The Growing page on Psychemagination explores a neurodivergent childhood back in the days before anyone coined that word. The story is about childhood challenges, how I dealt with them, and how this shaped me a person. It’s also the story of an adult reaching back in time to reconnect with the child they once were, […]

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Support Developing Self-Awareness by Buying a Christmas Present

Support self-awareness by buying a Christmas present? Honestly? Really? How does that work? It may seem like a bit of a stretch, but here’s the logic. Psychemagination is more than just a video art gallery combined with a self-discovery memoir, and it’s more than a modern take on the hero’s journey. Yes, it is all […]

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The World of Reflecting is Ready Now!

At last Kris has finished the music for the world of Reflecting on Psychemagination, and I’ve just uploaded the last of the videos. If you like Art Deco mirror work, you’ll love the visuals of this page, and Kris’s music is stunning. Here’s an example of the kinds of imagery you’ll see on the page […]

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