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An Imaginative Exploration of the Psyche

Personal development

Navigating Social Interactions for Adults with ADHD and Autism: Practical Tips

Navigating social interactions for adults with ADHD and autism (ASD) can be uniquely challenging. While autism is a neurobiological ‘wiring’ that affects social skill development, individuals with ADHD often understand social norms but struggle to adhere to them consistently[1]. These neurodivergent profiles can lead to communication differences and behavioural challenges that impact day-to-day interactions[1]. As […]

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The Power of Visual Language: How Sacred Symbolism in Art Facilitates Spiritual Exploration

The use of symbolism in art has long been recognized as a powerful medium for self-expression and cultural communication. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, art has the ability to evoke deep emotions and provoke profound thoughts. The use of sacred symbolism in art is one aspect that has fascinated artists, scholars, and spiritual seekers throughout history. […]

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