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Journey into the Psyche


Are Angels Real? And Does it Matter?

Are angels real? Does it matter when they’re helpful for your mental health regardless? After my musings on the topic, I share an art video full of animated angels to inspire and delight you (don’t miss it), followed by the psychological view of how imagination plays a crucial role in mental health, impacting various aspects […]

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New Release: Psychemagination’s Thinking Chapter

The Thinking page/chapter in Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche is ready for reading/viewing now. In this chapter we look at how the effects of undiagnosed autism and ADHD in a life can affect self-image, and we use imagery rescripting techniques to loosen the grip of childhood trauma. This page will resonate deeply with anyone dealing […]

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How Intentional Daydreaming and Mindfulness Can Work Together

The core information in this article on daydreaming and mindfulness is a summary of an article on the benefits of intentional daydreaming from the Australian Insititute of Professional Councillors. Included with this information are my own reflections on what this research raises in relationship to my own meditation/mindfulness practice and use of intentional daydreaming. What […]

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Remember to Look at the Roses

Time passes. Moods change, and invariably, something shifts. Perhaps a feeling, a sense of direction, or a new resolve comes from our self-reflections. Perhaps it was smelling the roses and admiring their form that moved us from our slump. Maybe we talked to someone about our concerns or cleared our heart and mind with meditation. […]

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Why I Don’t ‘Look’ Autistic: Understanding Level One Autism

Level one autism is a subsection of autism spectrum disorder. Autism is called a ‘complex neurodevelopmental disorder’ but put more simply it means is that my brain is wired differently to neurotypical people. I think and perceive things differently to neurotypical people, and though you don’t see it, I find living in this complex and […]

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a neurodivergent brain
What Does Being Neurodivergent Mean?

I’m neurodivergent, but what does that mean? Neurodiversity is a concept that is gaining recognition and importance in today’s society. It refers to the idea that neurological differences, such as autism, ADHD, and giftedness, are normal variations of the human brain. Being neurodivergent means having a brain that functions differently from the neurotypical population. Understanding […]

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The Power of Visual Language: How Sacred Symbolism in Art Facilitates Spiritual Exploration

The use of symbolism in art has long been recognized as a powerful medium for self-expression and cultural communication. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, art has the ability to evoke deep emotions and provoke profound thoughts. The use of sacred symbolism in art is one aspect that has fascinated artists, scholars, and spiritual seekers throughout history. […]

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