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An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that measures electrical activity in the brain using small, metal discs (electrodes) attached to the scalp. Brain cells communicate via electrical impulses and are active all the time, even during asleep. This activity shows up as wavy lines on an EEG recording.

‘There is an agreement in the literature that individuals with ASD have abnormalities in EEG measures.  Some findings include significantly more slow-wave theta activity, reduced biological rhythm activity, as well as less EEG wave asymmetry within and between hemispheres of the brain.” Neurodevelopment Causes – AUTISM- UNEARTHING THE MYSTERY (

Example of raw normal and autistic EEG signal.

Example of raw normal and autistic EEG signal. EEG-Based Computer Aided Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Wavelet, Entropy, and ANN (

person undergoing an eeg realistic

What having an EEG actually looks like. 

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