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An Imaginative Exploration of the Psyche

Page Preview: Growing – a Neurodivergent Childhood

The Growing page on Psychemagination explores a neurodivergent childhood back in the days before anyone coined that word. The story is about childhood challenges, how I dealt with them, and how this shaped me a person. It’s also the story of an adult reaching back in time to reconnect with the child they once were, their inner child.

Yes, this is a memoir, one illustrated with art instead of photos!

And you don’t need to be neurodivergent to relate to the story. After all, neurodivergent childhood or not, we all had one, and we all had challenges. I hope that reading about mine will inspire you to reflect on your own and how it has shaped who you are today.

Like all the pages on Psychemagination, the Growing page is more than just one page in a story, it’s a whole book. All the worlds of the psyche can be read as stand-alone illustrated stories, so you don’t need to have viewed any of the other pages to enjoy this one.

Here’s some of the imagery you’ll see animated on the Imagining page, but, of course, on the page it’s all in the context of a story.

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Here’s one of my favourite videos from the page.

You will need a key to enter the world of Growing, but it’s free in exchange for your email address. You’ll also receive blog posts and notifications of new releases in your inbox as well as a guided imaginative meditation script. Of course, you can unsubscribe from the email list later if you wish.

Take a look and let me know what you think of it below.

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