Imagery for Meditation

This imagery for meditation can be used as a focus for your meditation.

Imagery for meditation

Imagery for Meditation: Contents

Introduction: Imaginative Meditation

Fill Your Mind with Angels

Ripples in Time Simply Seeing Meditation

Guided Imaginative Goddess Meditation

Stillness and Movement

Imaginative Meditation

Imaginative meditation uses imagined imagery as the focus of one’s meditation. I developed it as a non-religious, creative use of the Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana style of meditation that I practiced for twenty years. Pared back to its simplest form, it’s great for those who try to meditate but find it boring to simply watch their breath, and so are not inspired to watch it for long periods of time. I am such a person, and though meditation is very good for people with ADHD, focusing on the breath is difficult for us, at least it was for me. Which is why an imaginative style of meditation was perfect for me and I love creating imagery for meditation.

Once you know the basic principles of how to work with imagery for meditation, you can use anything you can imagine as the focus of your meditation. You just imagine something and use it as the focus of the simply seeing method of meditation as outlined in my book on meditation. Turning it into an image you can see is particularly helpful – hence me creating such imagery. Below, in the Ripples in Time simply seeing meditation, is six minutes of imaginative imagery that you can use as the focus for simply seeing.

But imaginative meditation can be more than just focusing on an image you (or someone else) have created. It can be a journey that takes you from your ordinary mental state with all its confusion to a calm aware state of mind. One such meditation is the Angel meditation which inspires you to use imagined angels as a tool for mental and spiritual assistance. Another in a guided audio-visual form is the guided imaginative goddess meditation below. Or if you prefer written instructions so you can imagine your own goddess or god or whatever will fulfil the same role for you, download the written instructions. You’ll also get blog posts from this website sent to your email address.

For a complete course in meditation, suitable for beginners and established meditators alike, get my book How to Meditate Easily, Effectively and Deeply. It includes comprehensive guided practices include healing, walking, imaginative and mantra meditation. There are audio guided practices that go with the book.

Ripples in Time Simply Seeing Meditation (6 mins)

Use the audio visuals as the focus of your meditation.
Just watch the visuals and listen to the music with a light, spacious focus.
If your mind wanders off, following a train of thought,
just bring your focus gently back to the audio-visual experience.

I created these landscapes to express the open, spacious aspect of our essential mind, so as you watch, allow the audio-visual experience to inspire your mind to open into that spaciousness.

Merge your mind with the imagery and music.

The elements in the landscapes represent our thoughts and feelings that are a natural part of our mind, but they are not the ground of our mind.
They come and go in the vast spaciousness so long as we don’t dwell on them.
Simply watch them rising and falling in your mind without commentary.

The music is ‘Ripples in Time’ by Kris Newland
from the album Bridge Between Two Worlds
You can view a wide-screen version of it on YouTube

Imagery created for a poem I wrote while meditating.
Use it to inspire your meditation.