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Journey into the Psyche

Look Deeply at the Flowers.

Contemplative thoughts.
The art, inspired by the feeling, provided a focus for contemplation from which the words arose.

Flowers are offerings to the world, as am I and my art. Should anyone appreciate their blooming is of no consequence – they offer regardless – but those who appreciate an offering receive the love that propelled it into being. Look deeply at the flowers.

A joyful spirit and positive mind is a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope and inspiration. This is our natural, unadorned state when we release our fear and grasping. Then our world shines, bathed in our light and nurtured by our creativity.

Self-reflection, introspection, the inner journey, no matter what we call the seeking for Self, at the end we must always return to the beginning, the place from which we set out, the present moment, now. For there is no other place to be.

Whatever we focus on internally affects how we interpret what we see externally. Whatever we focus on externally is what fills our mind internally.

Be careful with what you fill your mind. Those thoughts have power if you dwell on them. Violent books, movies, and games colour your mind with violence. Fill your mind with wise words and thoughtful stories, however, and you will become wise.

Running away from, ignoring, suppressing or indulging in our emotions doesn’t help. Simply feeling is the way – simply feeling what is to be felt without reacting to the feeling, without stirring it up by thinking about its cause; simply feel the feeling until it naturally fades in its own time.

Love comes in many forms, but no matter who the love is between, it is still love, something in which to rejoice in a world filled with too much hate.

"Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds." - Gordon Hinckley
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