The videos on this page can be used to inspire meditation.

A brief noble-self meditation

This uses a visual image as a representation of your noble self
your wisest, most loving and aware, essential self.
If you’re unfamiiar with using an image in meditation, watch this post on YouTube.

Remember to bring your mind back to the audio-visual experience if it wanders off.
A light, spacious focus is best for meditation.

The esssential instructions for this heartfull noble-self meditation are:

Visualise your mind as like a sky,
open, endless, and crystal clear.
Call forth your wise, loving, aware innermost being
and imagine it as a star appearing in the sky.
In the centre of that bright star appears
a noble being,
This is your wisest, most aware and loving self.
Brilliant loving awareness shines forth from her heart and pours into you,
filling you with endless love.
Feel your heart warm.
Know you are loveable.
You are loved.
You are love.
You are the noble being.
There is no separation between you.

Catapult yourself up into the noble being,
and rest there,
as one being,
resplendant in all your glory.

Your loving light pours out into the universe,
and the universe sends its light back into you
in an endless nurturing circle.

When the image begins to dissolve,
feel yourself dissolving from the outside of yourself into your heart centre,
and then that dissolves into nothing.
Rest there,
in space,
with no reference point,
and experience the calm clarity of your pure awareness.

Ripples in Time Meditation (6 mins)

These visuals use the full track ‘Ripples in Time’ by Kris Newland
from the album Bridge Between Two Worlds
You can view a wide-screen version of it on YouTube

More audio-visuals to inspire meditation

These are very short videos, but since they repeat until you turn them off,
they can be as long as you like.

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