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Journey into the Psyche

New Release: Psychemagination’s Thinking Chapter

The Thinking page/chapter in Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche is ready for reading/viewing now. In this chapter we look at how the effects of undiagnosed autism and ADHD in a life can affect self-image, and we use imagery rescripting techniques to loosen the grip of childhood trauma. This page will resonate deeply with anyone dealing with trauma, especially that related to childhood bullying.

To gain access to the Thinking page click here.
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Click here for free access to the Growing and Reflecting pages.
Click here for access to the Imagining page.

Read on for a summary of content and news on the release of further pages.

An overview of the content of the pages of Psychemagination

The Descent and Path pages are the mythic hero’s journey into the Underworld.
The Growing page is about my childhood – the challenges I faced and the strategies I adopted to survive in a world that I found profoundly overwhelming.
The Imagining page is about a lifetime as a highly creative person and the challenges that brings.
The Thinking and Feeling pages are primarily about healing trauma through imagery rescripting.
The Masking page is about autistic unmasking, leading to a surprising revelation.
The Being page is metaphysical and esoteric in nature, and the Returning page is a kind of summary.

News: Full project nearly finished

I’ve actually finished writing Psychemagination, and Keyholders can read the full story now. Others will have to wait until the videos have their final music. The Feeling, Masking and Being pages don’t have their final music yet as Kris is still writing it, but the story and imagery are there for Keyholders to read right now. And I’ll slowly release the pages to the public as Kris finishes his part of the process. 

The final page, Returning, is finished as is. I don’t plan to make videos out of the images, as I think they say more as single images to illustrate each point.  And I want people to really look at and appreciate each image. Those images, in the style of the one below, are the kind of work I’m generating now, and (after countless generations and image blending and back referencing to previous generations) I feel that I have found my style with them.  (Interestingly they are quite close to how I used to paint.)

It’s been fascinating to look back over my life through the lens of neurodivergence and come to accept what was obvious to the psychologist I’ve been seeing over the past year of writing this story. I am indeed neurodivergent. And discovering this has given me permission to ‘be myself’ in its deepest sense.

Part of that is a greater confidence in following and sharing my artistic vision, so more projects are on the way – I just have to decide which one to do next – after I finish the videos for the Being page. 

"We must not say every mistake is a foolish one." - Cicero
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