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An Imaginative Exploration of the Psyche


You can see all the recent NFTs I’ve created by clicking the ‘See my NFTs’ button below, but you can’t buy them there. To purchase, contact me with their name and what you’re willing to pay, and I’ll list them as for sale for you on either Opensea or Rarible, whichever you prefer. Most of my NFTs sell out within a few days, but I always keep one for myself, which I’m willing to sell at the right price.

See my NFTs

Buy one and support the continued running and development of this website. You can use your credit card for the transaction in all the places I have listings (see below), so you don’t need to own crypto currency in order to buy.




Here are links to the various places that you can buy my NFTs.  If you visit a marketplace and what you want isn’t listed for sale, contact me through the form on the About page with a price you’re willing to pay, and I’ll put it up for sale for you in whichever marketplace you prefer. You can also choose any image you’d like from my any of my social media listings and I can mint it for you.

    My NFTs on Opensea

    My NFTs on Rarible.

My collections on the Uncut Network