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Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche
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 by C.Jay
Blown Away

This was my first experience of reading a web book and I was very impressed by its unique layout and presentation. The visual imagery is stunningly beautiful. It covers a vast range, from surreal landscapes, to gorgeous armoured warriors and bizarre creatures, and some of the most unusual doors I have ever seen. This visual delight both illustrates and informs the narrative through its graphic representation and magical realism, and its all set to exquisite original music designed to amplify the emotion of the scene. The story itself is intensely personal, but one which many will relate to.

There is so much here that it was necessary to watch it several times to truly appreciate this magical journey into the psyche.

C. Jay

 by Fantasy Lover
Nice blend of Fantasy and Reality

I like the use of mythic themes and fantasy imagery to illustrate a real psychological journey and how the words and images work together to tell the story.

 by AIArt Lover
Good work

Beautiful art and I love the music. There's a lot of AI generated imagery around now, but the animation and original music here takes it a step further and I really like that. Reading isn't really my thing though so I can't comment on that. I just watch the videos.

 by Belinda Scott
A lovely way to tell a story.

What a delightful way to tell a story! It's an audio-visual treat. And the author's story really speaks to me - especially as a fellow neurodivergent. So many things on the Growing page, like feeling out of place, reflect my own childhood. I read every new page as it comes out, and both the art and the story just keep on getting better and better.

 by A Fan

I love this site. It's so unique. The music is wonderful, the visuals stunning and the story - especially the later pages is really moving. The author's transparency and willingness to share is really inspiring and appreciated.