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An Imaginative Exploration of the Psyche

Step back from your problems

Contemplative thoughts.
The art, inspired by the feeling, provided a focus for contemplation from which the words arose.

When we look at a problem up close, all we see is the problem. It’s so close that it seems like an immovable wall around which we can not go. When a problem appears unsurmountable, our mind easily becomes cluttered by worry, and our breathing grows shallow, as if we’re in a tiny claustrophobic room.

But if we take a few steps back, we can see the problem in perspective. We can see the open landscape of the mind in which it sits and breathe easier. We may find that what we thought was a wall is, in fact, a ball, one that we can roll away with the right amount of pressure. At the very least, we will be more able to find a way around the problem. The further back we step, the smaller our problem appears, the less stress we feel and the more able we are to solve our problem.

Our beliefs and expectations filter our perception of our experience. If we expect our day to be miserable, that’s what we’ll experience because that’s what we’ll filter from the day. We’ll ignore the good and focus on the bad. And if we believe it will be a good day, then even if things go badly, we will see in a more positive light.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon
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