Imagery for a Heartfull Meditation

This heartfull meditation uses a visual image as a representation of your noble self
your wisest, most loving and aware, essential self.
This self has a full heart,
So she, he, they, can fill your heart with love,
any time.
All the time.

Of course you can create your own image of that part of yourself,
and imagine it in your own mind,
or you can rest your mind on an outer object that invokes that part of yourself,
like this video.

An essential instruction for this video is to feel loving light pouring out from the noble being into you.

The video is short, only 1 min and 15 seconds long,
but you can do the meditation over and over for as long as you wish,
or as short.
And when doing it with your own imagined nobel being
you can extend the light pouring into you section for as long as you want.

Click here to download detailed instructions for using this imagery for a heartfull meditation.

For more on working with visualisation in this kind of heartfull meditation, watch this post on YouTube.

Did you enjoy the video?
Did you meditate on it as you watched?
What kind of effect did it have on your mind?

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