When our Sense of Purpose Crumbles

Contemplative thoughts.
The art, inspired by the feeling, provided a focus for contemplation from which the words arose.

Sometimes, our lives come crashing down around us. All that we are is stripped away. Perhaps we lose everything in a disaster, or perhaps it is our mental calm, our surety of ourselves and our place in the world that suddenly crumbles. What are we to do? How do we go on with no sense of purpose, ungrounded? 

Some introspection is needed, questions posed. What is important to me? What do I want? What is most important? What will give me the most satisfaction when I look back over my life as I lie on my death bed? 

The process may be prickly, uncomfortable, but asking is necessary. And we may need to rest in unknowing for a while, make friends with uncertainly, while we smell the roses and delight in their colour. The answers will come from our wisdom self if we are still and listen, open even to no answer and able to simply be with the silence. Trust. We need to trust in ourselves, trust that the answers will come from within and not go searching for them elsewhere. Looking outside for answers is a distraction that merely prolongs our uncertainty. That is the knowing that will light up our eyes.

In brief: When our sense of purpose crumbles, we need to trust that answers will come from within. Searching outside of ourselves is a distraction.

"Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all." - Augustine of Hippo