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An Imaginative Exploration of the Psyche

This AI Artwork NFT Could be Yours – But What Does it Mean?

All the AI Artworks on this website are an illustration of some aspect of the psyche, so they all have meaning. The animated AI Artworks illustrate the story of a Journey into the Psyche, giving form to the inner world, and the galleries allow me to showcase many of the great still images I’ve generated that don’t appear in any of the videos. I have such a wealth of imagery here – and I love it all – that I sometimes find it hard to know what to post where and when on social media and what to make into NFTs, but ‘Mirrored Landscapes’ is one of my all-time favourites.

And I’ve made it into an NFT so that you can buy it.

But what does it mean?

The animated AI artwork ‘Mirrored Landscapes’ expresses the mirror-like nature of our essential mind. When meditating, you can find that your mind settles such that you become aware of the gap between thoughts. And what’s in that gap? Empty, open, spacious awareness. The experience, when you take your awareness into that gap, is one of brilliant clarity. There’s a mirror-like quality that reflects everything clearly without bias – no prejudice, no judgement, not even a concept to stain the reflective surface of your mind.

This is the silver ground in the AI artwork.

And from that reflective ground of our essential mind our thoughts and emotions emerge. These are the silver balls and other sculptural shapes in the artwork. Our thoughts and emotions are not separate from the ground of our mind, just as waves are not separate from the ocean from which they emerge. They are simply expressions of it, and if we leave them alone – don’t follow after them or invite more thoughts in – they will merge back into the ground from which they came.

And so the artwork is constantly moving and changing, as thoughts and emotions arise and then fade away, to be replaced with another.

And this wonderful AI artwork is available now as an NFT!

It’s on Rarible, click here to see its listing, and you can buy it with a credit card if you don’t have crypto.

But why buy it when I can see it here?

See the previous post for details on NFTs and why you might want to buy one of mine in general, but in this specific case, the imagery provides a reminder of the nature of our essential mind – a worthwhile thing to contemplate. Once you know the symbolism, then simply watching the video will remind you and hopefully inspire you to look at your own mind.

Of course, you don’t have to buy it to do that, but there’s this interesting relationship between ownership of artworks that have spiritual meaning and the meaning itself. By buying such an artwork and so supporting the artist who created it for the specific purpose of imparting that meaning, you create a relationship between you, the artist and the meaning, a relationship that deepens your ability to receive the meaning of the artwork. That’s why artists have such a special, revered place in Tibetan society, and why their patrons are also awarded respect. Purchasing such artworks (and ideally spending time reflecting on them) can help you get the meaning, and it’s a meaning that goes far deeper than the words that explain it.

My patrons (the Keyholders) have a similar relationship with everything on this website because they help me keep this site going. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement on a very deep level.

So if you buy this animated AI artwork, you’ll get more than just an NFT.

Can you find that gap between your thoughts?

Keep looking.


"No day in which you learn something is a complete loss." - David Eddings

NFTs of my Art Available Now: But Why Buy an NFT?

If you know what one is, you might wonder, Why buy an NFT? You’ve probably heard of them, but may not know what they actually are, and if you do, you might think they’re not for you. Read on and find out what they are and why you might consider buying one.

What is an NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible Token) is a digital asset that is unique and not interchangeable with another one of the same value. It can be a piece of art, music, video, game item, or any other content, and it’s linked to the blockchain, the digital database that also supports cryptocurrencies. It has a certificate of authenticity that makes it distinguishable from all other tokens. If you buy one of my artworks, I can still display it here, but you own it. And I only sell one of each.

People buy and sell art made into NFTs as they would with physical art. And I now have some artworks, either videos from here or the images from which I created them, on sale as NFTs.

Here’s an angel from my Women of Power collection on Opensea.

Why would you want to buy an NFT?

With all these art images available to view free on the web, why, you might wonder, would I want to pay for one? Here’s why:

Aren’t NFTs expensive?

We hear about the extreme end of the market, because that the sensationalism on which media thrives, but most NFTs are reasonably priced – at the time of minting anyway. I’ve seen many between the prices of USD$20-50. Mine are in that range. Around $30 for a still image and $50 for a video.

Don’t you need cryptocurrency to buy NFTs?

No. On marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible, where I have my NFTs, you can buy using your credit card. Fees apply, of course. Everything to do with NFTs has some kind of transaction fee attached to it that someone has to pay at some point.

Have a look at what I have available, they’re only up for a month, and if you’d rather have a different image or video, let me know which one and I’ll mint it for you.

To see them on Rarible, click here.
To see different ones on Opensea, click here.

And if you’d rather have my art hanging on your walls, check out my Redbubble shop (anything you buy from me anywhere also gives you the key to the Reflecting door on Psychemagination.

Would you consider buying an NFT?

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