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An Imaginative Exploration of the Psyche

New NFTs and How Collecting NFT Art Can be Easy, Fun & Free

Why I Made my First NFT

Ever thought of collecting NFT art? Most people probably haven’t. You’ve probably heard of NFTs though – digital assets that can be verified and traded on a blockchain – but you probably think, ‘Oh that’s not for me.’ Maybe the whole system of Web 3 transactions is too mysterious, or complicated or you just don’t want to buy art.

That was what I thought too, until I started making digital art, made this website and found how costly it was for this semi-retired person to keep it running. Then I needed to look into ways that I might be able to offset the costs.

First, I put some of it on merchandise in my Redbubble store, then I investigated NFTs and thought it was all too complex to bother – until someone contacted me and said they were collecting NFT art and wanted to buy one from me. So I learned how to create one, but I wasn’t surprised when the sale never eventuated – it really was too good to be true!

Minting the art into an NFT was the easy part. To do anything in the NFT space you need a digital wallet, and though getting one is easy, getting money into it wasn’t (at least for me) and neither was working out how the whole thing works with different block chains and signing agreements and so on.

If the hard part puts you off, don’t leave; keep reading, because you no longer have to worry about all that. Collecting NFT art isn’t in the too-hard basket anymore.

I didn’t manage to find buyers for my experimental NFT, so I was going to give up on the whole idea, but then I stumbled on something called the Uncut Network that has made it all oh so easy and fun. It’s a place to showcase, discover and collect digital art. You don’t need cryptocurrency to collect NFTs there, and they create a wallet for you and give you some of their currency for free (it’s like a point-earning gaming system). Getting started is as easy as signing up for a social media platform – which is what it is, only with creating and collecting NFT art as the focus – and of course, it’s free.

Think Pinterest but you get to actually own the artwork you collect (and you can also resell it) and it’s beautifully displayed in your own gallery. And I’ve been really enjoying it. I never thought I would collect NFTs, but Uncut is a supportive community, and I like supporting others – especially with free currency!

This Week’s NFTs

Here’s the still images for the animated NFTs still available this week. Click the image to see the animation on Rarible or click on the caption link to see them on the Uncut Network where they’re really nicely displayed. My favourite is the middle one.

The Uncut Network: A New Way to Showcase, Discover and Collect Digital Art

The Uncut Network is a web-based platform that lets you create, explore and collect digital art in a simple and intuitive way. Their ‘system’ connects you with like-minded creators and collectors, and rewards you for your passion by dishing out points (currency you can use to ‘buy’ the art) for being involved. As an artist I’ve found the time I’ve spent there quite affirming, though I haven’t sold anything yet. Mostly I’m giving art away to build a community of people who like my art.

As an artist, you can upload your digital art to Uncut Network and turn it into an NFT with a few clicks. You can choose to sell your NFTs on the platform, or keep them for yourself. You can also create collections of your NFTs, or join existing collections created by other artists. You can showcase your art to the Uncut Network community, and gain recognition and feedback for your work.

As a collector, you can browse and discover thousands of digital artworks on Uncut Network, from various genres and styles. You can buy NFTs from your favourite artists, or bid on them in auctions. You can also create your own collections of NFTs, or join existing ones. You can follow your favourite artists and collections, and get notified of new releases and updates. You can also interact with other collectors and share your thoughts and opinions on the art you love.

These three are also still available on Rarible.

What makes Uncut Network different?

Uncut Network is not just another NFT platform. It is a platform that is designed to make collecting NFT art easy and fun. Here are some of the features that make Uncut Network stand out:

  • On-chain protection: Uncut Network ensures the integrity and uniqueness of your NFTs by storing them on the blockchain. Your NFTs are yours alone, and you can access them anytime, anywhere. You can also verify the authenticity and provenance of any NFT on the platform, and be confident that you are getting the real deal.
  • No intermediaries: Uncut Network eliminates the need for third-party platforms or services to create, sell or buy NFTs. You can do everything on Uncut Network, without paying any fees or commissions. You can also use your preferred cryptocurrency (or $) to pay or receive payments, and enjoy fast and secure transactions.
  • User-friendly interface: Uncut Network has a simple and intuitive interface that makes NFT collecting a breeze. You can easily navigate the platform, find what you are looking for, and manage your NFTs and collections. You can also customize your profile, and showcase your personality and style.
  • Community-driven: Uncut Network is a platform that is built by and for the NFT community. You can connect with other artists and collectors, and join a vibrant and supportive network of NFT enthusiasts. You can also participate in events and contests, and win prizes and rewards. You can also give feedback and suggestions, and help shape the future of Uncut Network.

How to join Uncut Network

If you’d like to try your hand at collecting NFT art, visit the Uncut Network website, click on “Get Started” and follow the prompts. Make sure to check out my profile page – scroll down to find my collections on the right-hand side.

"Nature is a mutable cloud which is always and never the same." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

How Alive are Trees?

In his bestselling book, The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben argues that to save the world’s forests we must first recognize that trees are “wonderful beings” with innate adaptability, intelligence, and the capacity to communicate with — and heal — other trees.

Are Trees Sentient Beings? Certainly, Says German Forester – Yale E360

When I walk into the forest, though I don’t see eyes, I can feel the trees watching. Their consciousness is nothing like ours; their forms resemble no human’s – they certainly do not have breasts – but still in art we often portrait them anthropomorphically as a way to show that they do indeed have some form of spirit to which we can relate.

I sense the trees in the forest are a community, their beings interwoven in a network of roots, branches, leaves and a unique kind of knowing awareness that communicates without words or thoughts.

Take a walk in the forest and allow yourself to feel the trees. Open your heart and fall in love with these gracious beings.

This video is available as an NFT at
It can be seen in context of the Journey into the Psyche on the Imagining page.

What do the trees in the forest around my house say to me? Something like this – only not in words, of course.

‘We watch, us trees, we watch in sad and silent knowing as the humans blunder across the landscape, wreaking havoc in their greed and selfishness. Some see us, feel us, even hear us and take heed; most, unfortunately, do not. Love of the natural world is lacking and yet sorely needed amongst these hairless apes. It matters not to us what humans do to themselves, but if they do not change their mindset – and soon – they will doom us all.

‘A human heart full of love for the forests, and for the shrubs and trees that grace their farms and cling to life in their cities, is a blessing that must be nurtured. Only when the majority have such love. awareness and understanding of the true beauty and value of all the natural world will the necessary global healing truly begin.

‘Do what you can to bring this about and we will bow to you in gratitude.’

How do you feel when you walk among the trees in the forest?

"It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something." - Franklin D. Roosevelt