The World of Reflecting is Ready Now!

At last Kris has finished the music for the world of Reflecting on Psychemagination, and I’ve just uploaded the last of the videos. If you like Art Deco mirror work, you’ll love the visuals of this page, and Kris’s music is stunning.

Here’s an example of the kinds of imagery you’ll see on the page – all illustrating a story of self-reflection with art deco mirrors as the theme.

And one of my favourite videos from the page is …

About the keys to the pages

If you don’t have the key to the Growing page yet, just provide me with your email address here and you’ll get the key. To get access to the Reflecting and other locked pages, I’m requesting a little more in exchange for the time, effort and money it takes me and Kris to create Psychemagination – it is a book after all. Just choose the keys to the pages you want from the Keys and Goodies page or sign up as a Keyholder on Patreon to get all the keys.

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