The World of Reflecting is Ready Now!

At last Kris has finished the music for the world of Reflecting on Psychemagination, and I’ve just uploaded the last of the videos. If you like Art Deco mirror work, you’ll love the visuals of this page, and Kris’s music is stunning.

Other new things to see

There’s a couple of other changes to the site, the home page now has the inciting incident, which makes it now a very personal journey, a kind of spiritual/psychological illustrated almost memoir, a mix of reality and fantasy, myth and magic, metaphor and symbolism – just like all my other books! If you haven’t seen the inciting incident yet on the Begin the Journey (home) page, do take a look.

And if you haven’t looked at the new Talisman section on the Descent page, take a look in The Guide section (click the link to go straight there) and then scroll to the end to see what happens to the Talisman at the end of the page. Those of you with Buddhist backgrounds should get the symbolism (hopefully) but there’s some tooltips there to help those who have no idea why I should have a diamond floating in the sky for a talisman.

And on the Growing page, at the end, take a look at what happens after the fairies’ video. The various images of ‘fairies’ I’ve shown here and posted on social media recently are now in full video splendour and in context of the story.  The question is, Do children see the world differently? Is that why their books are so full of magic? 

About the keys to the pages

If you don’t have the key to the Growing page yet, just provide me with your email address here and you’ll get the key. To get access to the Reflecting page, I’m requesting a little more in exchange for the time, effort and money it takes me and Kris to create Psychemagination – it is a book after all. Just sign up as a Keyholder here on Medium for at least one month’s payment.

Alternatively, purchase a Christmas present with my art on it from my new Redbubble design shop and send me the receipt, and I’ll give you the key because it all helps me pay the bills for this website.

"My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind." - Albert Einstein