Calm Amidst the Maelstrom: Video Art for Meditation

Video art for meditation.

We live in tumultuous times, and it’s easy to be swept into despair by the tragedy we see unfolding in our world. But we all have a calm centre within, a place of sanctuary where we can be still despite the swirling waves of emotion that rush through and around us. Our centre of awareness watches and allows what is to remain as it is, without our interference, for only then can we be aware of our own awareness and break through the barrier of the conceptual mind to find true wisdom from which we can act with surety, and with love and compassion in alignment with the nature of the universe.

As you watch this video art for meditation, rest your mind on the still figure amid the turmoil, and allow that image to awaken the stillness within you. Simply be, as you are, and allow whatever arises to simply swirl harmlessly around you. The movement, after all, is merely your thoughts and emotions, and if you leave them alone, they will pass in their own time, leaving you in your still centre of awareness. May it be so for you as it is for me. Music by Kris Newland

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