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An Imaginative Exploration of the Psyche

The Full Video Art Story is Ready to View Now

The full video art story of Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche is finished and ready for you to view. You can now watch the whole narrated story from beginning to end with art video visuals and stunning original music, and I hope you will watch it because you just might find that it inspires you to take a transformative journey into your own psyche. Is that a scary thought? Maybe, but it’s a very rewarding journey, as you’ll see if you watch my story from beginning to end.

Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche is an illustrated hero’s journey kind of video art story and a psychological and spiritual memoir written by me (Tahlia Newland) set to original music by Kris Newland. A combination of art, video, music, and transpersonal psychology in mythic story style, it tells the story of a late-diagnosed autistic woman’s dive into her psyche to reflect on her life through the lens of neurodivergence. The cast of characters include many archetypal characters, including Persephone, Queen of the Underworld from Greek mythology.

It’s a different kind of movie, one designed to be watched on your phone or tablet in 5-30 minute chapter sections.

The first three chapters are on the homepage for free, and for my Patrons, and others who have purchased the key to the whole book, (for less than the price of a cup of coffee) the full story is on The Journey into the Psyche Page. There you can watch the chapter videos one after each other from beginning to end. So do take a look, and when you’re done, even if you only watch the first two videos, please do leave a review on the Review page.

The stats and thankyou to my patrons

If when I’d started this video art project, someone said that I would create 10 chapters of psychological and spiritual memoir presented in three and a half hours of video, and 291 pieces of original music, I may have said, “You’re joking!” But that’s how much work Kris and I have done in just over 10 months. Work supported by my patrons.

I am eternally grateful to my patrons for their support, and I hope they’ll continue their patronage as I take these skills into new and exciting areas of creativity. If you’d like to join this beautiful group of people by becoming a patron, click here. You’ll get access to special content, a close relationship with the development of new stories, and there are a few other perks I can give you in return for your ongoing patronage.

If that’s not your thing, no worries, you can support this website and the stories I’ll be bringing to you, by buying a key to Journey into the Psyche. And I’ll be grateful to you for support and interest. It’s a simple Paypal donation you can make with your credit card.

The journey into video art isn’t over

It’s been quite a journey, but it isn’t over. Journey into the Psyche is really just the beginning of the potential of Psychemagination. I want to keep working with the intersection of transpersonal psychology, mythic story and video art, and I’m presently leaning towards working more with archetypes. There’s a bunch of possibilities around that idea floating around in the background of my mind that will eventually form into something more specific, but one thing is sure, I hope that whatever I do, it will somehow help people gain more awareness, because that’s what our world needs most right now – greater awareness.

So what’s next?

Presently angels are making a strong showing in my artwork – I’ve made a 6 min video called Angelic Visions, and you can immerse yourself in its beauty on YouTube – and I’ll follow that train of inspiration for a while to see where they take me. I love my Angel in a War Zone series.

I also really like the futuristic imagery I created for the planet Argentum, and I’m thinking that will be the setting for my next video art story, possibly called The Shimmering Veil of Argentum.

Initially, I’ll be entering a time of gathering information, reading books to inform the interests mentioned above, playing with ideas, and allowing myself to be guided by the characters I’m creating – in an active imagination dialoguing fashion. I’ll be writing blog posts on what I discover, and I’ll be sharing some of the short videos from the Thinking, Feeling, Masking and Being pages on social media to encourage people to visit the Psychemagination site while I work on whatever form the next phase of Psychemagination ends up taking.

And I hope that through viewing my story, people will gain the inspiration to take their own journey of self-discovery. That’s the motivation that drives this whole sharing business for me.

Why the later chapters of ‘Psychemagination: Journey into the Psyche’ will always require a payment to view

Though the first two chapters are free, the later chapters will always be only for those interested enough to pay the small amount I’m asking. This is because those chapters share very personal psychological and spiritual experiences. To offer them without some exchange would be to diminish their importance. Yes, I need the money to help pay for the software and to run the website, but it’s also about reciprocity, relationship and respect.

And that perhaps gives you some idea of just how much those who are my patrons on Patreon mean to me. I am so very grateful, and I will do my best to be worthy of their support.

And when you’re done watching the completed book, don’t forget to leave a review on the site’s review page.

"An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox" - Laozi
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