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An Imaginative Exploration of the Psyche

Thoughts Are Not Our Mind or Our Reality

This week’s best insights inspired by my AI generated imagery.

Thoughts are not our mind. They arise out of our mind. Thoughts are like balls rolling through the open, fluid landscape of our mind. If we don’t stop them, they just roll on by and fade away.

Can you step back and watch your thoughts rolling through your mind?

We construct ideas about things and events, one building on another, creating edifices of belief that we take to be real. But are they? Are our thoughts about a situation the same as the situation itself, or could we be misreading it?

Thoughts and beliefs are not reality; they are merely our interpretation of it. They are a mirage of reality, not reality itself.

Do you regard your mind with bewilderment as you would an alien landscape populated by strange, incomprehensible beings? Do you know your thoughts, or are their contents – beyond a brief glimpse here and there – a mystery even to you?

Feeling down? Invoke your inner hero to come rescue you. Imaginary friends are good for adults too. They’re parts of yourself that can lend a helping hand when you need it. How might your hero self rescue you today? Imagine it happening, complete with how it would feel, and you’ll feel better.

If we reflect on why certain interactions we have trigger illogical and often explosive reactions, we may find areas of brokenness in ourselves – times where we feel as if we’re falling apart.

If our fight, flight, or freeze response kicks in in response to a stimuli that causes no threat to our adult self, then it’s likely a trauma response from an event or series of events in our childhood. Like bullying.

Trauma responses can be destructive in our lives and relationships, and they hold us back from fulfilling our potential. But we can reprogram ourselves, rescript the past event(s), go back in our imagination and rescue our child self.

It’s called schema imagery rescripting. It involves revisiting past experiences and re-imagining them to promote healing and growth.

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"No man is free who is not master of himself." - Epictetus
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