Video Art Gallery

AI artist at work.

This video art gallery shares short works (between 1 min and 6 minutes long) of narrative video art, illustrated poetry and music videos. They are all made from images I created with Midjourney AI art generator, and I used various animation tools, such as Runway AI video generator and others, as well as Movepic picture animation to get the movement. Voices were created using Eleven Labs; the main narrator was taken from my own voice. And of course, I use photoshop and Premier Pro to clean up images and put the movie clips together. All music was composed by Kris Newland.

This is a work in progress

Imagery created for a poem I wrote while meditating.
Use it to inspire your meditation.

Music Videos

All music by Kris Newland

See some still images and information on Angels and mental health here.

The music is ‘Ripples in Time’ by Kris Newland
from the album Bridge Between Two Worlds